Our vision is to create new platforms for ARTS within the diversity of (African) cultures while promoting young talents.

The mission of SONÇA international is to initiate and to develop innovative and sustainable projects in the field of ARTS with a special focus on performing and educational programs. Visual and performing ARTS are Africa’s first and foremost cultural resources and represent in many ways perfect tools for a broader education and for personal development and to showcase Africa’s capacity - culturally as well as economically, simultaneously strengthening social cohesion and promoting multicultural integration.

We are inviting institutional, private and corporate partners to join and support our projects. We offer an special platforms of exchange for BUSINESS meets ARTS. Sponsorships from corporate marketing or promotional budgets offer a cost effective vehicle to reach target segments and to communicate effectively with your clients. Visual and performing ARTS are uniquely placed to serve both - building corporate image and commercial objectives. Our events offer exclusive hospitality platforms and are great sponsoring value for theme-based communication. We are also seeking Corporate Social Responsibility investments from partners who wish to actively involve their stakeholders to come along on the journey of exciting education programs in support of young talents.

SONÇA international is a not-for-profit association, registered in Mozambique and was founded in 1998 by the Mozambican soprano Stella Mendonça to promote education for arts.

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